Medical Technical Writing & Spine Research: This is where I shine.

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a research paper but just don't have the time to get the project completed?

Do you have society meeting abstracts laying around, but don't have the time to transform them into publishable papers?

Have your fellows tried to write a paper but just didn't have the skill to put it in a publishable form?

Do you have an important presentation coming up but just don't have the time to design a first-class PowerPoint presentation and lecture?

Do you have editors bugging you as to when that book chapter you promised them is going to be ready?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then I am the solution to your problem.

I am a published author in several high-impact medical journals, including SPINE, and through my employment with a high profile spine surgeon and his research Institute have learned how to easily tackle all of the above problems, as well as so much more.

And here's the best part: I can do everything mentioned above, and much more, on an independent contractor basis, so you will not incur the headaches and expense of hiring another employee.

Interested? Then please feel free to e-mail or call me with your questions regarding this unique medical service.

You may also peruse the pages of this website in order to get some examples of my work, as well as learn a little bit about me and my story; however, I can give you many more examples of my work upon request.

Best Regards,

Douglas M. Gillard, DC
Published Spine Researcher
Medical Technical Writer

(Office) 408-337-8696

How Can I Benefit You & your Practice?

•Turn your brilliant study idea into a published reality.

•Create first-rate PowerPoint presentations and lecture scripts for your next lecture.

•Do the grunt work of getting your papers or abstracts published, including editing, submitting and resubmitting with edits made.

•Manage / create the content for your website or blog.

•Edit or write book chapters.

•Work on an independent contractor basis – you won't have to hire another employee.

Headline News

Dr. Gillard becomes a lead author as he gets a second paper published

(April, 2004) Dr. Gillard has just received word that his second paper, one that he exclusively designed, wrote, and submitted for publication, was accepted for publication in "International Orthopedics," in both the online journal and the hardcopy journal.

The study answers the question as to whether or not having a failed non-fusion surgery prior to lumbar interbody fusion negatively affects long-term fusion outcomes. (Read more)

Headline News

Dr. Gillard becomes a published author in one of the leading spine journals in the world

(November, 2013) After several revisions, Dr. Gillard gets himself and the sponsoring orthopedic spine surgeon published in one of the leading spine journals in the world, the journal SPINE.

The manuscript detailed the effectiveness of lumbar interbody fusion as a treatment intervention for the controversial diagnosis of discogenic pain. (Read more)